In a world where sustainability is becoming crucial, it is important for jakke to be transparent regarding the impact of our faux fur on the planet.

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  • The Jakke approach to design rejects the concept of seasonal fashion trends. This idea is highly exploited by fast fashion manufacturers, who use it to sell more and more clothes every year.

    Jakke coats should slot into your wardrobe regardless of the season.
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The most important strength of wearing faux fur is that it is life saving.
Faux fur protects millions of animals (as many are killed for their fur) including mink, foxes, rabbits, sables, chinchillas, beavers, lynx, seals, raccoons, coyotes, muskrats, wolves, otters, cats and dogs.
You can wear jakke with a clear conscious knowing that no animal suffered for one of our fabulous fluffy pieces

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  • Real Fur production poses its own environmental threats as there’s water pollution in the form of nitrogen and phosphorus from animal waste, air pollution from incinerating animal carcasses and releasing pollutants such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide and hydrochloric acid. There is also a “cocktail of toxic chemicals” used in the tanning and dressing process.

    In 2013 a report carried out by CE Delft (an independent research and consultancy organisation specialised in developing innovative solutions to environmental problems) found that it takes at least 4 times more energy to produce a real fur coat than a faux fur coat. Findings also confirmed that the making of one mink fur coat emits 7 times more CO2 than the making of one faux fur coat.
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A faux fur coat does not add microfibers in the oceans. It may be washed once a year by a specialist dry cleaner and therefore its impact can’t be compared to that of other synthetics washed every week.

For AW20 we are adding recycled polyester faux fur coats (made from plastic bottles) to the collection. Recycled polyester gives a second life to a material that’s not biodegradable and would otherwise end up in landfill or the ocean.

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  • We are conscious that our faux fur is non-biodegradable. We use a mix of Modacrylic fibre, which is the most luxurious of the synthetic faux furs. We’ve made our garments to last for a long time and we therefore encourage our customers to be responsible and care for their items, never throwing them away.

    Further, a faux fur coat at the end of its life can be repurposed so we have teamed up with the Royal Trinity Hospice Charity in the aim of preventing our jackets ending up on Landfill.

    We ask all of our customers to send back their used jackets in exchange for a 25% voucher to be used against a new purchase (full price only – sale items not included).