Animal Friendly


All of our garments are animal friendly.  You can wear jakke with a clear conscience knowing that no animal suffered for one of our pieces.


Our fur is Free From Fur - The most important strength of wearing faux fur is that it is life saving.

Faux fur protects millions of animals (as many are killed for their fur) including mink, foxes, rabbits, sables, chinchillas, beavers, lynx, seals, raccoons, coyotes, muskrats, wolves, otters, cats and dogs.


Our puffer jackets are Free From Feathers - jakke do not use down or feathers in our puffers because of the cruel practices associated with the rearing, feather harvesting and slaughter of ducks and geese.  During plucking birds are physically restrained and are often wounded. 


Our knitwear is Free From Wool - Shearing can be stressful for sheep, cause painful cuts and sometimes worse injury. Shearers are often paid by how much wool they can get so they do it as fast as possible and sometimes without regard for the animal’s welfare. Mulesing is a procedure undertaken in merino sheep which involves cutting away flesh from a sheep’s rump in an attempt to produce a smooth wool-free area that is less attractive to flies.


Our Leather is Free From Skin - Most leather comes from countries where animal welfare standards are non-existent, for example, India. As many people in India see cows as sacred animals, there are not many slaughterhouses for cows. Therefore, they are often forced to walk for hundreds of miles to a slaughterhouse or transported over long distances in crowded trucks. Many animals don’t survive the journey and die of hunger, thirst or injuries before reaching the slaughterhouse. The slaughtering itself is often a lot less animal-friendly as cows are not stunned and there are many videos of cows being skinned alive while fully conscious.